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November, 2007 - Newsletter for the Maui Market

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Maui Real Estate - The September 2007 numbers from the Realtors Association of Maui are about the same.  This is good news, considering what is taking place on the mainland US.  The statistics from the Realtors Association of Maui (RAM) shows the number of single-family house and condominium sales in September were down from August but not far off the numbers of September, 2006.  For single-family homes, the average sale price for the first three quarters has fallen 8 percent to $944,000. Last year, the average was more than $1 million.  The number of sales, however, is up 16 percent to 867.  The number of days on market remains about the same, four to six months.  The 2007 numbers for Maui would count as a hot market in most places on the Mainland.
Condo action is not much different from a year ago with average prices down just 1 percent to $788,000, but median prices are up 4 percent to $530,000 and the number of condo sales is off 8 percent to 901.  This means the total turnover in existing residential real estate is almost the same as last year – $1.5 billion for the first nine months of both years.  Pukalani is down 4 percent to an average of $706,000, while Makawao-Olinda-Haliimaile is down 19 percent to an average of $594,000. Kihei, where most of the condos on the market are to be found, shows little movement on prices, which are averaging $448,000 this year. But turnover is accelerating, as there were 318 condo closings there last year, and there have been 372 so far this year.

The West Maui real estate market now favors Buyers and the Sellers are now more willing to negotiate the price.  The current inventory of West Maui condominiums for sale is now at 468 and seemed to peak at 491 on April 18th and has gone down since.  Properties are requiring more time to sell such as five to six months and Buyers have a much larger inventory of properties for sale to choose from.  If you’re curious about current trends in Maui real estate and where the market is headed, the answer is - it depends on Location - it depends on if it is condominium or single-family residential - it depends on whether you look at volume, average or median prices.  The current Maui real estate market looks steady with minor variations. 

Condominiums for Sale - In the West Maui real estate market, at the beginning of July, 2005 there were 165 condominiums for sale in the West Maui area and the total value was $159,356,997.00; August, 2005 - 166 condominiums with the total value of $154,446,497.00; September, 2005 - 176 condominiums with the total value of $163,215,390.00; October, 2005 - 177 condominiums with the total value of $168,464,220.00; November, 2005 - 199 condominiums with the total value of $188,377,265.00; December, 2005 - 231 condominiums with the total value of $222,669,115.00; January, 2006 - 226 condominiums with the total value of $226,520,200.00; February, 2006 - 280 condominiums with the total value of $281,793,835.00; March, 2006 - 297 condominiums with the total value of $286,082,559.00; April, 2006 - 350 condominiums with the total value of $317,599,199.00; May, 2006 - 354 condominiums with the total value of $321,932,077.00; June, 2006 - 362 condominiums with the total value of $333,616,070.00; July, 2006 - 392 condominiums with the total value of $346,937,598.00; August, 2006 - 393 condominiums with the total value of $344,119,142.00; September, 2006 - 413 condominiums with the total value of $369,322,455.00; October, 2006 - 408 condominiums with the total value of $366,608,574.00; November, 2006 - 407 condominiums with the total value of $357,086,324,00; December, 2006 - 428 condominiums with the total value of $361,399,109.00; January, 2007 - 410 condominiums with the total value of $372,238,031.00;  February, 2007 - 431 condominiums with the total value of $393,681,669.00; March, 2007 - 458 condominiums with the total value of $420,941,268.00; April, 2007 - 479 condominiums with the total value of $429,708,159.00; May, 2007 - 472 condominiums with the total value of $424,095,260.00; June, 2007 - 455 condominiums with the total value of $415,187,129.00; July, 2007 - 475 condominiums with the total value of $432,797,008.00; August, 2007 - 469 condominiums with the total value of $420,479,301.00; September, 2007 - 474 condominiums with the total value of $430,914,408.00; October, 2007 there were 471 condominiums with the total value of $423,631,002.00; and at the beginning of November, 2007 there are 466 condominiums for sale in the West Maui area with the total value of $416,008,907.00.  The condominium for sale inventory since July, 2005 has been as low as 165 and is up to 466 for November 5, 2007.  The “for sale” inventory on West Maui continues to increase.

Condominium Sales in 2006 - The total condominium sales for West Maui during the month of January, 2006 there were 42 sales and the total value was $28,574,643.00; for February, 2006 there were 48 sales and the total value was $32,995,078.00; for March, 2006 there were 40 sales and the total value was $32,199,584.00; for April, 2006 there were 43 sales and the total value was $41,898,525.00; for May, 2006 there were 51 sales and the total value was $39,644,886.00; for June, 2006 there were 40 sales and the total value was $32,533,500.00; for July, 2006 there were 30 sales and total value was $26,212,000.00; for August, 2006 there were 28 sales and the total value was $31,885,500.00; for September, 2006 there were 30 sales and the total value was $24,770,000.00; for October, 2006 there were 29 sales and the total value was $23,359,299.00; for November, 2006 there were 22 sales and the total value was $13,414,600.00; for December, 2006 there were 30 sales and the total value was $23,169,999.00.  For 2006, the monthly average sales were 36 sales per month with the average sales value of $29,221,468.00 per month.

Condominium Sales in 2007 - The total condominium sales for West Maui during the month of January, 2007 there were 37 sales and the total value was $33,091,000.00; for February, 2007 there were 26 sales and the total value was $16,330,000.00; for March, 2007 there were 32 sales and the total value was $24,121,000.00; for April, 2007 there were 27 sales and the total value was $16,766,000.00; for May, 2007 there were 28 sales and the total value was $30,774,929.00; for June, 2007 there were 28 sales and the total value was $18,917,000.00; for July, 2007 there were 21 sales and the total value was $13,314,200.00; for August, 2007 there were 32 sales and the total value was $33,258,999.00; for September, 2007 there were 23 sales and the total value was $24,701,900.00; and for the month of October, 2007 as of 11/1/07 in the MLS data, there were 41 sales and the total value was $27,609,900.00, however this included a packaged sale of 19 units at Aina Nalu in Lahaina.  The monthly average sales were 30 sales per month with the average sales value of $23,888,492.80 per month.

The total condominium sales for August, 2005 was 52; September, 2005 - 58; October, 2005 - 38; November, 2005 - 48; December, 2005 - 47; January, 2006 - 42; February, 2006 - 48; March, 2006 - 40; April, 2006 - 43; May, 2006 - 51; June, 2006 - 40; July, 2006 - 30; August, 2006 - 28; September, 2006 - 30; October, 2006 - 29; November, 2006 - 20; December, 2006 - 30; January, 2007 - 37; February, 2007 - 26; March, 2007 - 32; April, 2007 - 27; May, 2007 - 28; June, 2007 - 28; July, 2007 - 21; August, 2007 - 32; September, 2007 – 23; and October, 2007 was 41. 

For previous condo sale details, go to our web site,  For the time period of 1/1/2007 to 9/30/2007 the average price for a home on Maui was $944,406.00 which is down 8% for the time period of 1/1/06 to 9/30/06 when the average price was $1,021,325.00.  For the same time period the average price for a Fee Simple condo on Maui was $799,290.00 which is down 1% for the same time period when the average price was $810,495.00 according to the RAM (Realtor Assoc. of Maui) statistics.  Condo sales in Wailea/Makena, Kapalua and Kaanapali impacting the Fee Simple Condo average price.

We have gone in to the MLS database and pulled information for 2000 through 2007.  In 2000 - 654 condominium units sold in the West Maui area for a total value of $209,064,010; in 2001 - 605 condominium units sold for a total value of $271,681,337; in 2002 - 730 condominiums sold for a total value of $240,178,915; in 2003 - 737 condominiums sold for a total value of $319,748,466; In 2004 - 700 condominiums sold for a total value of $375,033,467; in 2005 - 682 condominiums for a total value of $408,582,315; in 2006 - 435 condominiums for a total value of $351,782,614.  In 2007, from 1/1/07 to 10/31/07 - 295 condominium units sold in the West Maui area for a total value of $238,884,928. 

Mortgage Rates for week of November 5, 2007 - from Town Island Mortgage, LLC -
Rates: Houses & Condos Full docs: 5.75% 30yr fixed 2.0 pts (5.98 APR); 6.00% 30yr fixed 1.0 pt (6.13 APR); 6.25% 30yr fixed No Points (6.34 APR); No Docs: 6.125% 30yr fixed 1.0 pt (6.25 APR); 5.75% 15yr fixed 1.0 pt (5.93 APR); Interest Only: 5.875%; 5/1 ARM 1.0 pt (6.52 APR); and To $1M: 6.375% 30yr fixed No Points (6.71 APR). No Income & Stated Land loans, too (Pts incl. origination)

If you would like to view the most current sales statistics for Maui or West Maui Condominiums, you can go to my web site and click on Condo Sales in the upper left corner of the home page or go to

Some recent news about what is going on in Maui.

Weather - As we progress in to November, the weather has changed to a few more clouds, stronger trade winds and some light rain.  Today, it is 85 degrees with some rain and trade winds. Sunday it clouded up and started raining for most of the day and I think most of the tourists went to the movies or the Cannery Mall as the parking lots were full.  For the next few days a few scattered showers and a bit more clouds.  Lucky to be on Maui, come visit and enjoy!

Halloween In Lahaina – The festivities on Front Street were a little more sedated this year than last.  The early crowd was about 20,000 and was expected to grow as the evening progressed.  The television actor Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Camille, were out in costumes with the children and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Superferry in Hawaii Although Legislation passed during a special session Wednesday it may not be enough to allow the Hawaii Superferry back in operation.  The injunction against the ferry’s entering Kahului Harbor remains in effect, and attorneys for the state and the Superferry would need to ask 2nd Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza to lift it after passage of a bill to allow it to operate while an environmental assessment is conducted.  The attorney who represented the plaintiffs who have successfully sought court orders for an EIS before the ferry is allowed to operate has indicated he would argue against dissolving the court’s order barring the ferry’s operations.
Maui Pineapple Cannery Industry is gone - Last pineapple cannery in the U.S. is gone.  There was an all-day sale at the Maui Beach Hotel and there were about 75 bidders that attended and purchased the Ginaca that was invented in Hawaii which cored and peeled pineapples with little human labor and was responsible for Hawaii producing 82 percent of the world’s canned pineapple before Thai pineapple, along with low-cost producers in Taiwan, China and Central America drove down prices and as a result the industry came to an end.

Dry Weather but Central Maui water users voluntarily restrict use – Cooler weather and cloud cover with periodic sprinkles probably helped to cut demand on the Central Maui water system to 24.89 million gallons a day during the last couple of weeks.
NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is suggesting that the dry conditions across Hawaii should be easing as a result of a La Nina developing in the eastern Pacific.  A NOAA report issued Mid-October expects drier conditions across the southern United States but above-average temperatures and rainfall in Hawaii. Maui water users need to understand they need to cut back, not just for now but on a regular basis, water is precious and should not be wasted.

Early Whale Arrival - A young humpback whale approached a snorkel tour boat off Lanai.  It was a young adult male, about 35 feet long and appeared to be healthy and fat, and was accompanied by the pod of spinner dolphins that congregate around Lanai. 
There typically is an order in which the whales come to Hawaii. A lot of times, the younger ones do come early, the two-year-olds.  Humpback whales normally arrive off Hawaii from November through May, with the peak of the whale season in January and February.  The whales generally remain in the relatively shallow inshore waters where they breed and give birth, returning to the waters of the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea where they feed during the summer months.

Dante’s Italian Eatery - Enjoy traditional Italian cuisine at the Food Court in the Cannery Mall with the newest restaurant, Dante’s Italian Eatery.  The Chef and owner Mauro Gramuglia was born and raised in Milan, Italy and his family owned a restaurant in the quaint Milan countryside.  Mauro said the idea is to have five-star restaurant food without the tag of a five-star restaurant. They have brick oven pizzas, homemade lasagna, spinach lasagna, traditional sandwiches (paninis) and Daily Specials featuring fresh fish and meat and all prices are under $16.  The food is prepared with all natural, fresh ingredients using Maui grown produce. I have ordered take out and it is excellent with wonderful seasonings!!!  The phone number is 661-3838.

Freight rates rise - A Public Utilities Commission-approved schedule of new rates for Young Brothers Ltd. goes into effect.  The rate increase affecting small businesses most is a 15 percent jump for pallet-sized, or less-than-container-load, shipments. Overall, shipping rate increases will average 7.5 percent and will be a factor in the cost of living and doing business on Maui.

Haleakala Downhill Bicycle Tours Suspended - Haleakala National Park officials on Wednesday told commercial downhill bicycle tour owners that they will be suspended from using the park for at least 60 days. The Park Superintendent called the suspension a “safety stand-down” following a fatal crash involving a bicyclist last week, the third within a year.  One operator Haleakala Bike Co. expects a boost in business as a result of the suspension.  The company is one of two bike tour operators who also have permits to operate vehicle tours in the park and will continue operating guided tours inside a van and allow patrons to begin their downhill bike outside the park entrance at about 6,800 feet elevation.  The bicycle tour industry on Maui is estimated to generate about $10 million annually.

Development Moratorium Suggested - County Council Member Jo Anne Johnson has stated that development is outpacing infrastructure and planning and announced she will introduce a bill at the regular council meeting November 2, 2007 that would temporarily preclude new subdivisions of agricultural lands in West Maui.  The moratorium could last several years and apply to lands within the West Maui Community Plan District, which stretches from Maalaea to Kahakuloa.  Anderson has proposed a bill that would require developers to prove they have a water source reliable for at least 20 years before a project can be approved.  Her bill would not prevent homeowners from remodeling or repairing existing homes. It would also exempt projects intended for the public good, such as the proposed West Maui hospital or 100 percent affordable housing. 

Lahaina bar loses license - Paradice Bluz Nightclub & Lounge pleaded no contest to serving a person under the influence of alcohol.  The nightclub and lounge opened in 2004 in the basement of 744 Front St., the Old Lahaina Store building that also includes a restaurant and other businesses and previously Planet Hollywood.  It is believed the liquor license is to be revoked for over serving alcohol to a customer who was involved in a fatal head-on collision on Honoapiilani Highway in March.  The Liquor Control Board indicated the liquor license revocation would take effect once documents are served on the license holder after being reviewed and the process that usually takes two to three months.

Lahaina bypass on hold again – The construction on the long, delayed Lahaina bypass is going to be delayed longer.  What a surprise!  A state-hired archaeologist on Thursday told the Maui/Lanai Islands Burial Council that the team surveying the site needs more time to determine whether two sites directly in the path of the first phase of the highway are in fact ancient Hawaiian burial grounds. Construction on the $48 million Phase 1A would run from Lahainaluna Road to a future extension of Keawe Street.  The project was supposed to begin in July and then was postponed indefinitely by the discovery of the sites.  For current information visit
Maui once again has the top spot in Conde Nast reader’s poll - Maui has bounced back to being “Best Island in the World” in the 2007 Conde Nast Travelers magazine readers poll, which was released Thursday.  With an overall score of 90.0, Maui also surpassed all other top destinations across the globe. It beat the Best Australian City, Sydney, which scored 87.8; the Best U.S. City, San Francisco, 85.5; the Best European City, Florence, 84.8; and the Best Asian City, Bangkok, 82.6. Kauai, with a score of 87.1, beat every place except Maui and Sydney.

West Maui has three shopping centers sold – Three shopping centers are selling in West Maui.  The largest and oldest is 505 Front Street, which is being purchased by Fowler Property Acquisitions LLC of San Francisco.  A&B Properties has sold Napili Plaza and Fairway Shops to Festival Retail Fund I LP.  Fairway Shops was developed in 2001 by A&B. It encloses 35,000 square feet of retail space on 3.2 acres of leasehold land along the Honoapiilani Highway at the center of the Kaanapali Resort.  Napili Plaza was built by Maui Land & Pineapple Co. and was sold to A&B in 2003. It comprises 45,000 square feet of shopping and office space near Kapalua Resort.  Fowler has lately been investing in Big Island and Oahu real estate, and has indicated that it intends a multimillion-dollar upgrade of 505 Front Street, a cluster of shops in a multilevel structure on the shoreline just south of Lahaina Harbor and next to Lahaina Shores condominiums. 

Medical Facilities on Maui - The Association for Improved Healthcare on Maui (AIHM)  whose mission is to serve as an advocate for the creation of a system that will provide improved healthcare services to all of the citizens and visitors of Maui County has been making some excellent progress.  For more information on making a contribution to this great cause, please visit To stay informed of what is transpiring with future approvals of either the Kihei or West Maui hospital, you can send me an email and request a subscription to the “Coconut Wireless” to either my email at or


Real Estate & Financial Planning Tips

Three Year Break for Some for Capital Gains Changes – Current Capital Gains Tax Rates depending on your income is 5%, 15% or 25%: The 5% capital gains tax rate applies to taxpayers in the 10% or 15% federal income tax brackets; the 15% capital gains tax applies to taxpayers in the 25% or higher tax brackets; and the 25% capital gains tax applies to any part of the gain attributable to depreciation (regardless of the taxpayer’s income tax bracket).

The new Capital Gains Tax rate will be 0%, 15% or 25% and effective January 1, 2008. Taxpayers who fall in either the 10% or 15% income tax brackets will have no federal capital gains tax for three years (2008, 2009 and 2010). For those in the 25% or higher income tax brackets, the 15% rate – set to expire at the end of 2008 – has been extended for 2008, 2009 and 2010.  In 2011, the capital gains rates will revert to the 2002 rates, unless the then existing rates have been extended or made permanent by new legislation.  The 2002 rates are 10% for those in the 10% and 15% income tax brackets and 20% for those in the 25% or higher income tax brackets.

The Long-term capital gains rates apply to any assets that are held for at least 366 days or more than a year.  Short term capital gains for assets held for 365 days or less are taxed at ordinary income tax rates, which could be as much as 35 percent.  Excess depreciation is taxed at ordinary income tax rates.  Excess depreciation refers to any depreciation taken in excess of straight line depreciation.  Any real property placed into service after December 31, 1986 will not have any excess depreciation because the Tax Reform Act of 1986 requires straight-line depreciation for real property as of December 31, 1986. 

Check your Mortgage Documents – If you are married, your loan may become due upon the death of one of the spouses.  This is one of the leading reasons for foreclosures and occurs because one of the borrowers dies.  Inexpensive term life insurance could be used that would pay off the mortgage in the event one of the spouses is accidentally killed or dies as a result of illness.  Check with your estate planning attorney. 

Bankruptcy Law Changes in 2005 – The new law requires as of October 17, 2005, before filing for bankruptcy most applicants must now undergo credit counseling in a government-approved program.  It used to be that a person could file a Chapter 7 however there is now Stricter Eligibility for Chapter 7 Filing.  Under the new law, bankruptcy applicants who wish to file under Chapter 7 must meet certain eligibility requirements under a "means test."  If your current monthly income is less than the median income in your state, you can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. But if your current monthly income is above the median income in your state, and you can afford to pay $100 per month toward paying off your debt, you cannot file under Chapter 7 and must proceed under Chapter 13 or reorganization. Whether you can afford to pay $100 per month (or $6,000 over a five-year period) is based on a formula that includes your monthly income, your expenses, and the total amount of your debt.  Under the new bankruptcy law, people wishing to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 must show proof of their income by providing federal tax returns from the last tax year. If a bankruptcy filer has not paid taxes for the previous tax year, he or she must do so before the bankruptcy can proceed.  There are a number of major differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the main distinction is that under Chapter 13, the debtor enters into a five-year repayment plan in which he or she must pay a certain amount of money to creditors, based on a strict expenses-to-income formula.
After the conclusion of bankruptcy proceedings, but before any debt can be discharged, bankruptcy debtors must participate in a government-approved financial management education program.

Tax Deferred Exchange for Second Home - Some tax tips for Vacation Rentals or Second Homes – How frequently you rent out your property is how the IRS will classify it for tax purposes.  If you use your home fewer than 14 days a year or less than 10% of the days rented to outsiders each year, whichever is greater, then your home is an investment property.  If you use the home 15 or more days or more than 10% of the days rented to outsiders, it’s a second home.  If you can declare it as a second home you can collect 14 days rents without paying taxes on it.  If it’s an investment, you have to declare the income to deduct for business expenses on the home (advertising, cleaning, maintenance and etc.)  In calculating the days you use the property, “work days” don’t count toward the 14 days – 10% test.  Keeping a Guest Book will help in the event of an IRS Audit.  If a second home the owner can deduct mortgage interest.  As a second home, the owner is believed to treat it almost like a primary residence and can deduct mortgage interest.  You cannot take a loss if expenses exceed income.  Tax laws since 1986 allow those with up to $100,000 in annual adjusted gross income up to $25,000 in losses from rental properties annually.  If losses exceed $25,000, they may carry the sum over to future years as long as their income is still at or below $100,000.  As incomes rise, the $25,000 cap is reduced: with $100,000 to $150,000 income only 50 cents for every dollar in losses up to $25,000 can be claimed, over $150,000 no loss allowed.  Owners of an investment property can take a loss on the sale of their homes, second-home owners can’t.  To prepare for an eventual sale, get an appraisal during the year you convert from personal to income-oriented us.  If when sold the price is below the appraisal value, you’ll have documentation to support your loss.  Appraisals for 2007 taxes can take place up to April 15, 2008.  The astute investor will coordinate these matters with the account or CPA.  Another big advantage in converting a Second Home to Investment Property is you can do a tax deferred exchange.

In past newsletters, I have mentioned that the easiest way to minimize the tax impact when selling is to do a tax deferred exchange.  If you have questions about tax deferred exchanges give us a call.  If you are considering selling your property in Hawaii, a tax deferred exchange will exempt you from the 5% HARPTA withholding and also the Federal Capital Gains Tax.  Planning in advance for the disposition or acquisition of assets is always a wise decision.  Another invaluable tool for sellers in doing a tax deferred exchange is having the option of using tenant-in-common (TICs) for qualifying for replacement properties.  Many property owners who currently own underperforming assets can sell those assets, taking advantage of tax deferred exchanges, and turn an underperforming asset such as land into an income producing asset.  Call me or send me an email if you would like additional information at 808-661-7994 or email

To facilitate the tax deferred exchange process for our clients, we have placed our securities license with Welton Street Investments, LLC.  Welton Street is the leading  FINRA/SIPC Member Broker/Dealer formed exclusively to work with commercial real estate professionals offering TIC (Tenant In Common) investments as 1031 exchange options and direct investments.  Welton Street works with quality TIC real estate sponsors, providing access to a broad and deep array of institutional quality TIC investment properties providing due diligence, research & securities compliance.  Welton Street utilizes three key areas of due diligence before real estate sponsors and TIC investment replacement properties are selected and presented for investor consideration: 1) Audit and Analysis of the Real Estate Sponsor; 2) Analysis of TIC Program Structure & Fees; and 3) Analysis & Underwriting of Replacement Properties.

If you are contemplating selling highly appreciated real estate during 2007 and would like for us to provide an analysis of how to best structure your transaction, please call us at 1-888-661-7994 or send us and email at

Useful Internet Sites:  If you are in need of research and need assistance, this may just fill the bill.  It is run by the United States Library of Congress.  At the site pick a “category” (Like: “Business”, Law”, “Science/Technology” etc.), and type your question in. The response time is 5 business days or less.  No cost, your tax dollars at work.   Don’t you grit your teeth when a perfectly able bodied driver pulls into a space reserved for the handicapped - just to do a little shopping? This great place was created as a community service to end the misuse of handicapped parking spaces and placards.  It allows you to become an anonymous ambassador for the handicapped and report handicapped parking violators when you see this happening. These folks then send these handicapped parking violator reports to every city's Department of Motor Vehicles for appropriate action.  That ought to help clean things up!  It’s always nice to know there is a restroom when strolling around the streets of London (or for that matter your home town). Here is a great place that rates over 12,000 public bathrooms in more than 100 countries, providing a wealth of information to both travelers and local citizens. Here you can use the handy bathroom locator and also get a detailed evaluation based on cleanliness, safety, operating hours and whether there is any cost for the facilities.   How would you like to see the results of your redecorating without picking up a paint brush? With this great tool you can change the color combinations in your home with a mouse click and if you don't like the looks of your creation just start over and see another masterpiece in two minutes.  This color visualization program allows you to select an exterior home or interior room image from a big pictorial library. You can even import an image of your own home and experiment with colors to your hearts content.  Whether you are moving to a new town, traveling or just staying put there is an abundance of information on your area on the web. The trick is to retrieve the important things you need without getting overwhelmed. That's where this great place come s in handy.  A quick visit to this great place with your zip code will give you up-to-date information on local businesses, restaurants, shopping, professional services and many entertainment categories such movies, theater, sports, galleries and museums.  This is a great site for staying current on new technology, new software and internet issues.

Kindest Regards, Jim Foster

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